3 ex military jobs that offer a great salary

3 ex military jobs that offer a great salary


Are you one of the 15,000 people that leave the armed services every year?

It can be difficult to make your military experience pay, let alone integrating back into ‘society’, but there are options available to you that offer a new career path and potentially better salary.

Here’s 3 ex military jobs that offer you a great salary…

HGV driver

  • HGV Driver: £26,200 per annum

Stepping into a new job that utilises your military skills and experiences would be the perfect scenario for you – and a career in HGV driving offers just that.

If you are one of the many ex military members that has already completed their HGV certification, it means you have a head start in an industry that is desperately seeking qualified drivers.

To get the best pay in the industry, it means working unsociable hours and sometimes being away from more than a week at a time – something that you may be used to already.

To see how to take the next step into HGV driving, click here.

Building and construction

  •          Builder/contractor: £23,000 per annum

The construction sector employs about 10% of the UK workforce meaning there are opportunities available for those looking for a manual and potentially outdoor job.

Although the salary doesn’t hit the heights of HGV drivers, it’s important to remember the industry is made of many contractors that aren’t always employed on a full time basis.

Likewise, there are construction specialists that can surpass the £40,000 mark if they offer a unique service to the industry.

Industrial manufacturing

  • Manufacturer: £27,000 per annum

Whilst salaries vary depending on the industry you work in, manufacturing offers a chance to draw upon any engineering experience you already have.

From working on car production sites, to building aero engines, the UK is now an established advanced manufacturing base that requires as much technical ability as physical labour.

This may require a long commute to find roles available at companies, something that you need to think about considering the shift work the manufacturing industry tend to operate in.

Finding the right role

Coming out of the military does not mean you have to find a ‘dull’ job that pays the bills – this should be the next step in your career that you enjoy.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but these three areas strike the right balance between good salaries, opportunities available, and a role that takes into account your previous experience and skills.

If HGV driving is something you’d like to pursue, Employ Recruitment can help find a range of opportunities available with competitive rates of pay. To find out more about how we could help you, get in touch here.

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