5 industry challenges transport managers face in the next 12 months

5 industry challenges transport managers face in the next 12 months


Are you prepared for the next 12 months in your transport manager position?

Following a survey conducted by the FTA, we’ve compiled the top 5 challenges you will face over the next year alongside fellow transport managers throughout the UK.

You may have already prepared solutions to combat these challenges, but it is always worth reminding yourself of just how important they all are…

Transport manager challenges

1 – Remaining compliant

Remaining compliant was the biggest challenge in the future as flagged by fellow logistics and transport managers. A big part of this challenge was staying on top of driver hours’ compliance, which was the main responsibility for 90% of survey respondents, but still a concern.

2 – Budget constraints

Ranked the second biggest challenge, tight budget restraints set by head office in the ‘race to the bottom line’ means managers are expecting to feel the heat over the next 12 months. Delivering the service your company expects 100% of the time, on a smaller budget, a difficult balancing act…

3 – Driver recruitment

Whether it’s filling a short term gap or a future contract, recruiting drivers on permanent or temporary contracts is an industry-wide problem. The combination of an ageing driver workforce and the struggle to find the right people for your organisation, has created a problem for transport managers.

4 – Cost of fuel

10% of respondents believed fuel costs will be the biggest challenge they face in the future. Whilst prices have recently dipped, the upward trend in cost means managers and drivers alike should look at alternative ways to save on fuel.

5 – Internal communication breakdown

A breakdown in communications with your direct team can obviously lead to problems further down the line. Whether it is missing a delivery or failing to meet health and safety regulations, correct internal communication is an area logistics managers feel is a big challenge.

Avoiding industry-wide challenges

To combat the industry-wide challenges logistics managers face, we’ve created a free guide with tips and tricks to reduce the impact these challenges may have on you.

The guide also includes solutions to other major problems in the industry such as driver training, health and safety and the administration tasks you need to complete on a daily basis.


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