7 reasons logistics managers find it hard to recruit HGV drivers

7 reasons logistics managers find it hard to recruit HGV drivers

Industry wide, recruiting HGV drivers is a hard task.

The culmination of an ageing workforce and a limited amount of new talent entering the sector means logistics managers really do struggle to recruit.

The knock on effect of not recruiting means you and other drivers gain an increased workload and meeting customer objectives will become increasingly difficult – so finding solutions to your recruitment headaches is important.

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Using a recent report commissioned by the FTA, here’s 7 reasons logistics managers find it hard to recruit HGV drivers:

1 – Low number of applications

Of the 2,000 transport manager respondents who completed a questionnaire for the report, over 60% blamed a lack of recruitment on a low number of applications and a lack of applications with the right skills.

2 – Lack of qualifications

Such is the high level of training required to be a HGV driver, particularly a Class 1 driver, many applicants have be turned down as they do not meet the standards logistics companies require.

3 – Lack of experience

20% of respondents said that a lack of experience was the reason recruiting was difficult – an area where logistics managers may need to focus more in order to fill positions immediately.

4 – Not the ‘right people’

A HGV driver may have the skills, experience and pass the traditional C.V check, but 15% of respondents said that people with the wrong attitude, motivation and personality was a major reason for not recruiting a driver.

5 – ‘Poor location’

Whether drivers live in a remote location, or they believe their new place of work is too far away, transport managers said poor location was another reason for not adding new drivers.

6 – No interest in the job

Put simply, 10% of respondents said a lack of interest in a HGV driver job was the main reason around a lack of applicants, and thus, a lack of recruitment activity.

7 – Poor terms and conditions

A surprise inclusion, but poor terms and conditions, including pay, was another reason behind recruitment difficulty. Surprising considering HGV drivers’ salary is considerable.

A ready-made solution?

Problems recruiting permanent drivers have meant that managers have look towards agencies to fill gaps in the short term – but maybe they could help out more than you think…

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