8 challenges that all new HGV drivers face

8 challenges that all new HGV drivers face


When you start a new job, in a brand new industry, it’s an extremely exciting time – but as with every big change, amongst all of the passion for your new career, there will be some challenges that you face as you settle in.

As with many careers, transitioning into the lifestyle of a HGV driver won’t be without some of its trials and tribulations; but this is normal and you will be through the ‘new’ phase of the job and feel right at home in no time.

In order to help you feel a bit more comfortable, we have put together 8 challenges that all new HGV drivers face – which will hopefully help to ease your shift into being a HGV driver:


1. Confidence

It’s normal to be nervous when you go into a new job, and soon enough you’ll find your feet and be completely at one with your HGV and the road. Remember that practice makes perfect and that your confidence will grow with your experience – have faith in your abilities and trust your training.

2. Turn on that radio

Apart from keeping your eyes on the road, and the driving part, there are other things that can keep you entertained on those long drives. Tune into radio shows that will keep you going, maybe you could even have a singalong to your favourite playlist in the privacy of your cab.

3. Parking a truck

You’ve had your training, but now you’re driving something that is a lot longer and wider than the car that you’re used to, and you have to park it. Whilst your training will have taught you everything you need to know and I’m sure, you’re great at parking – but if you would like a refresher, watch this video tutorial!

4. Finding the right place to spend the night

When browsing through trucker forums, it seems common that new HGV drivers especially struggle to begin with when it comes to finding somewhere to spend the night. The best advice is to follow the set guidelines from your agency and try to stick to well-lit areas for security of you and your HGV.

5. Deciding what and where is best to eat

When you first start driving it can be tempting to explore all of the fast foods available at service stations along your route – a person’s dream… But, this is a downward spiral. Try to stick to the healthier options when you’re buying food or even make meals that you can take on the road with you! Trying to stick to healthy foods will help you in the long term, especially as you don’t get a lot of exercise as a HGV driver.


6. Different shift patterns

This one can be tricky, especially if you’re having to do any night shifts and you haven’t had to before – but it won’t be long before you’re into the routine. And perhaps invest in black out blinds for your room at home, you want to be able to sleep in the day time so that you feel refreshed and ready for any night shift.

7. Keeping in contact with family and friends

One of the most important for those drivers who are leaving behind their family when they head off on jobs! Luckily we live in a fantastic age where technology enables you to keep in touch with loved ones easily – make the most of your stops and call your family, you could even video chat through your phone too!

8. Finding the right agency

If you’re with the right agency – all of the challenges mentioned above, you will be supported through. They will care about giving you the right shifts, advising you on where the best places to stop at are and will support your development as a driver.

That is where Employ can help you… We have created a free driver checklist to find out whether your existing agency is meeting your requirements. The checklist also includes tips on how you can find the best pay package, training and development and how to check the reputation of a potential agency. You can download your copy of our checklist here.

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