Employ Recruitment’s Brand Promise

Here at Employ Recruitment we have defined our vision for the future of HGV recruitment within our Brand Promise of Driving Happiness. It reflect’s our ethos and our passion for success in every aspect of our business.

We appreciate our Brand Promise isn’t going to be achieved tomorrow, however the principles will be at the forefront of our minds each and every day and will help form the decisions we make.

Sitting underneath the single Brand Promise are the underlying principles for our clients, colleagues and drivers.


Our Drivers

2020 Vision: To be known as the best place to work because we deliver on our promises, provide quality and consistent work and continually strive to do the right thing all of the time. To be seen as an employer of choice with traditional values, modern practices and who genuinely care about driving change.

The underlying principles of the new brand promise for drivers are:

  • One call, one shift, one day.
  • Commitment to open, effective & efficient communication.
  • When offering work we respect that no means no, your rest periods are your own.
  • We understand the importance of your rest time and promise not to call.
  • We endeavour to pay you more for your hard work.
  • We appreciate your loyalty and will provide security in recognition.
  • We have reasonable expectations because of our industry knowledge and the time we take getting to know you.
  • Our office culture is humble, honest, respectful, proud and passionate.
  • We understand the journey you have taken to obtain your entitlements – Employ Recruitment is compliant to the core to protect your professional integrity.

Our Clients

2020 Vision: We want to be known as the best driver recruitment agency there is because we deliver on numbers and quality. We will be consistently compliant and be an agency who covers 100% of shifts. We want to be known for our innovative thinking and our desire to change to improve the perception of logistics in  recruitment.  To supply drivers we value and care about because we genuinely care about our client’s and will only supply the best drivers to them.

The underlying principles of the new brand promise for clients are:

  • We promise to cover 100% of your shifts.
  • We understand the importance of compliance & we endeavour to be the industry leader with up to date knowledge & training.
  • Our team are friendly, positive, fun, respectful, honest & passionate.
  • Commitment to open, effective & efficient communication.
  • We are committed to effective driver recruitment and see the importance of being up to date and implementing modern recruitment methods.
  • We promise to have member of staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We endeavour to not make a name change once a driver has been confirmed for a shift.
  • We truly value your opinions & will always listen to any feedback & act accordingly.
  • Our team will maintain a weekly onsite presence at your site.

Our Colleagues

2020 Vision: Employ Recruitment aim to be a great place to work for working parents. To be known as a high earnings potential, career employer, have a flexible attitude to hours of work; provide opportunities to work from home, great childcare and enhanced maternity and paternity pay. Offering genuine work life balance and eliminating the ‘guilt’ and to have a strategic approach to culture.

The underlying principles of the new brand promise for colleagues are:

  • Commitment to listen to colleagues, be open, honest and be effective and efficient in two way communication.
  • We endeavour to train and develop colleagues to increase knowledge and provide the opportunity for career progression.
  • We are committed to remunerating colleagues for their hard work and good performance.
  • We appreciate your loyalty and recognise your need for a work life balance.
  • We recognise talented colleagues and will endeavour to provide opportunity for promotion.
  • We endeavour to provide job satisfaction for all colleagues and understand the importance of a happy workplace.
  • Our office culture is humble, honest, respectful, proud & passionate.
  • Our office space is modern with state of the art technology and software.

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