Why use Employ Recruitment

Employ Recruitment UK recruit drivers for the transport, manufacturing and logistics sector. We are specialists at what we do.  Our senior management team are CPC qualified and understand logistics and haulage.

We have several Lead Vend contracts and guarantee 100% shift coverage to these clients. Most companies use on average 4 agencies to meet their needs. Our clients trust us to fill every shift they have and we never let them down.

Compliance is at the heart of what we do and we manage our drivers EU Driver Hours and Working Time Directive on a real time basis and only place drivers who we know are legal. We believe we are unique in managing our drivers working time in this way and we are truly first to market with this promise.

We carry out licence checks with the DVLA for every driver at interview and then every 3 months. To be recruited drivers have to pass our rigorous training assessments which include tests on EU Drivers Hours, Working Time Directive, Health and Safety, Vehicle Safety, Highway Code and Speed Awareness tests – once approved we offer our clients the opportunity to assess them in a work environment as an endorsement of their skill as well as providing regular work assessments.

Summary of Features

  • Portfolio of products to suit client’s needs – Lead Vend, Master Vend and Flexi-Vend
  • 100% shift coverage guaranteed
  • 100% compliance checks
  • Infringement management programme and guaranteed return
  • Competitive pricing
  • Driver negligence cover
  • Regular performance management meetings to prescribed KPI levels
  • Single source invoicing and competitive payment terms. 

ERUK’s philosophy is to drive change for our drivers. We treat all of our drivers as individuals, working with them to find the type of work, hours and shift patterns to best suit their needs.  We know what’s important to our drivers and strive to achieve it.

For our drivers we offer

  • A range of vacancies – full and part-time, from odd shifts to week long tramping
  • Competitive rates of pay and bonus aligned to performance
  • Consistent  and regular work throughout the year
  • Fixed rotas
  • A choice of payroll solutions
  • In-house DCPC Training
  • Infringement avoidance and manual entry training
  • A supportive, happy working environment
  • Performance Management and recognition schemes
  • Driver Reward Scheme
  • Driver Grievance and Disciplinary Proceedings

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