Add another string to your bow and get Live Haul trained this January!

Add another string to your bow and get Live Haul trained this January!

Employ Recruitment are looking for HGV drivers who would like to get trained for the Live Haul runs at Moy Park, Ashbourne. Employ Recruitment pay for the assessment and training runs, and drivers will then receive a qualification card that can be used as long as they have their HGV licence.

What does a typical Live Haul Shift look like? 

  • Contrary to popular belief, the Live Haul shifts contain no handling of the birds.
  • A driver will take an empty baskets to a farm where birds will be loaded at the farm into the baskets, the birds are then bought back and unloaded into the Lairage.

What are the benefits? 

  • Increased pay rates from distribution.
  • More opportunities for shifts when volumes are low.
  • More likely to able to work the days and times you want as you will have more access to shifts.

What does the training entail?

  • Drivers will take an assessment which lasts for 1 hour and you will be asked questions about dealing with bird welfare and driving with the birds.
  • Drivers will then complete two training runs with a Moy Parks driver trainer, this involves doing actual live haul runs and learning what happens in the lairage and at the farms.

Charlotte Keeling, Operations Manager at Employ Recruitment adds, “We have a lot of drivers who are pleasantly surprised once they have completed their Live Haul training at how straight forward the runs are. Once a driver has completed their Live Haul training, we can offer them much more work opportunity and it is something that we advise all Moy Park drivers to undertake as when shift volumes decrease we can offer trained drivers more opportunities for shifts. We aim to get as many drivers trained in the industry quiet months – Jan and Feb, so that we can offer them more work throughout the year that adheres to their work/life balance.”

We have Live Haul vacancies in Ashbourne with immediate training available. If you would to register to train, please call 01335 346800.

Call us now on 01335 346800