Compliance and Legislation Policies

It has been said that the Transport and Logistics Industry is the most legislated arenas in business in the UK today. Transport Operators must be licensed to run their business, Drivers must comply with legislation governing their Working Time, Driving Hours and Periodic Training and suppliers to the industry must comply with Employment Legislation that is evolving and growing annually.

It is therefore no surprise that only the best operators, drivers and agencies thrive in this arena. We consider our business to be one of these.

Supplying drivers to world class business means we have to make sure that the drivers we supply are both legally capable and have the desire to operate in a compliant manner. Our recruitment process is designed to ensure this is the case. Many agencies will claim this is there policy too, but we can prove it.

Employ use state of the art technology to ensure that every driver supplied is compliance checked prior to each shift. The driver will be checked for previous daily rest, previous weekly rest, current driving time available, current working time available etc… In other words, we will never put a driver on a shift that puts your O’Licence at risk.

Infringements do happen but our aim is to reduce the occurrence and train out the behaviour that causes them. We have a comprehensive infringement management service involving face to face meetings, training and continual monitoring. Our current infringement run rate is less than 1 infringement per 100 shifts.

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