Day Tripper vs Trampers: Who’s got the best HGV driver job?

Day Tripper vs Trampers: Who’s got the best HGV driver job?


A common source of banter in the HGV driver world, day trippers and trampers fight their corner as to why their jobs and shifts are better than anyone else’s.

We thought we’d take a deeper look into both sets of drivers and find out exactly who has the best HGV driver job. Here is what we found…


Tramper wins

By the simple equation of working more hours, trampers are consistently better paid than day trippers. Despite EU regulations limiting the amount of hours a driver can do in a 24 hour and weekly period, trampers can still earn more money.

Across the HGV driver industry, the combination of a small talent pool and agencies always looking for more drivers means the average wage is very good.

Depending upon whether you’re a Class 1 or Class 2 driver, wages can reach over £32,000.


Day tripper wins

Whilst trampers try and work every shift possible to fund their life as much as they can, day trippers take advantage of the morning and evenings at home every day.

Of course, money is important, especially if you are the sole earner in your household, but it’s the work/life balance that day trippers can have that wins the mini competition for the best shifts.

The chance for some drivers to see their family before work, or friends after work is a big contributing factor for happier day tripper drivers.


Tramper wins

After researching with our 140-strong drivers, it seems that trampers are able to consume more of the entertainment they prefer.

Whilst HGV drivers in general are the top listeners of radio in the UK (unsurprisingly) and have access to any radio station, podcast, audiobook or CD they prefer – trampers have the downtime on their extended breaks to watch whatever they want.

Whether they play DVDs through their portable television sets, or stream shows through their smartphone – they have the ability to watch and listen to anything they want.

Health & Lifestyle

Day tripper wins

Less service station breaks and more time to exercise outside of the cabin means that day trippers are the healthiest bunch of drivers on average.

Food wise, many day trippers are able to eat lunch they’ve already prepared, whilst trampers become reliant on service station food that doesn’t always scream ‘healthy’.

Day trippers also have the spare time to exercise, or even sleep longer, meaning they are fresher and in a better state of health than most.


Day tripper and Tramper wins

Whilst bad car drivers, unloading waiting times and the weather are still a point of annoyance, on the whole day trippers and trampers are very happy in their role.

With so many opportunities available to the most qualified and experienced drivers in the market, drivers have the opportunity to find the right job to suit them – whether that is as a day tripper or tramper.

A combination of pay, shifts, entertainment and health makes for added enjoyment in a role.

After surveying our drivers, we at Employ Recruitment UK, found that 85% of our drivers were happy or extremely happy being employed by us, something which you can find out more about in our HGV Driver’s Top 5 in-cab entertainment guide.

The winner is…


As we’ve mentioned above, drivers make their own ‘best’ job by choosing a job that fits around their life.

Whatever your situation or dependencies you have to support, there is a job for you in the HGV driver industry.

Hopefully we can find an enjoyable and rewarding role for you to.


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