Employ Recruitment Driver saves life on A6!

Employ Recruitment Driver saves life on A6!

Today we received this lovely email from a member of the public, who explained how one of our drivers went above and beyond the call of duty, by stopping on a busy road to both prevent any vehicle accidents and to help out a member of the public until the ambulance arrived! Thank you Sean, we’re very proud to call you an Employ Recruitment Driver!

“Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to inform you and comment you on one of your drivers that without doubt saved the life of my father on Wednesday this week. I believe that he works for your Ashbourne depot .

We were on the A6 going into Manchester on Wednesday when my father in law started having bad chest pains in the back.  I was driving and panicked and pulled the car onto the side of the road at an angle, when I opened the back door I could see that Brian was in bad shape. I was terrified!

This was when I heard a sound of a big lorry, it pulled up behind us and shielded us from the traffic and put its hazard light on.  Then the driver came to me and calmed me down and looked my Brian.  He took Brian out of my car and sat him at the side of the road on his jacket (which I still have by the way). And he put Brian in the position for a heart attack victim!  

He took his pulse and did other things that made me feel much better and Brian to. He stayed with us until the ambulance arrived at which time the ambulance crew said that the actions of your driver could well have saved our dear fathers life!

It was at this point that it transpired that your driver was in the ambulance service in Northern Ireland a few years ago and knew just what to do. As far as we are concerned we owe him a massive heart felt thank you for his thoughtfulness in actually stopping when everyone else drove past and then for everything else that he did at the scene. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.  

Please let him know just how grateful we are and that we shall never forget him.  

Everytime we see a Moy Park lorry we thing of our good fortune.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours thankfully,

Julia Shaw”


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