HGV driver trampers tips – what you need to keep you happy

HGV driver trampers tips – what you need to keep you happy

As a HGV driver Tramper, you’ll know that there are some home from home comforts that you can’t possibly do without on those long distance drives which mean that sometimes you’re away for several days at a time.

But it can sometimes take a bit of trial and error to work out what is best for you to take on those journeys, from food, to entertainment and even bedding, especially if you’re relatively new to the Tramper lifestyle.

So, to make this a little bit easier for you, we have put together a list of Trampers tips – what you need to keep you happy when you’re on the road.


Make sure the job is right for you…

If you’re new to the industry; before you spend lots of money kitting out your cab with everything that you think you’re in need of – make sure you’re comfortable with the job role, by spending a few test nights out in the field and see how you fair.

You don’t want to start buying yourself everything but the kitchen sink and then decide that you’re not actually that into being a tramper after all.


Are you a cab hopper?

If you cab hop, then you should probably keep your tramping essentials to a minimum because you’ll be moving things around a lot and you don’t want to forget to take something! If you have your own wagon, start with the basics – mini fridge or stove, bedding, and then build up to portable TV’s and such.

Interestingly, on one of the forums that we researched when putting this blog together, a trucker stated that “if you have it at home and it will fit in your cab, there’s no good reason not to have it” so you can bear that in mind too.


The right kit

It can be difficult when deciding what to take with you on your travels, but this list really is everything that you’ll need:

  • A BIG duvet rather than a sleeping bag, makes it more like home
  • Pillows
  • Baby wipes, and lots of them
  • Toilet and kitchen roll
  • Plenty of water, just in case you’re stuck anywhere
  • Kettle and tea/ coffee 3 in 1 sachets are great!
  • A thermos mug
  • Ear plugs to make sure you get a good night’s sleep
  • Empty bags for your rubbish
  • Basic tools and spare fuses will come in handy
  • Washing up bowl, so you can wash you… And your pots
  • Flip flops for in the showers at stops
  • Lots of spare clothes (for different weather conditions)

If as a Tramper, there’s anything else that you think is essential for your journeys, please feel free to add them into the comments section below!


With a little imagination, you can eat well

Always picking up fast food when you’re on the road can get a bit boring, and expensive and it is really not good for you. So to combat this, do some food shopping before you head off on your drive – buy simple things, like rice, bread and pasta, and tins of soup or baked beans.

You can also buy meat and vegetables if you’ve got a fridge to keep them in! Stock up on emergency food too like ready meals, ‘pasta n sauce’ packets and cereal bars and so that you’ll never be caught out with no food, no matter where you are!

It isn’t comfortable to eat unhealthy all the time – especially when you’re doing a lot of driving. The right foods will give you more energy and keep you more alert and awake, you’ll also sleep better at night.


Keep entertained

Make sure that you have your favourite things to keep you going… If you’re going to invest in a portable TV and DVD, take a good selection of films so that you don’t get bored in the evenings.

Tune into funny radio shows, or even the sports ones if that’s more your thing – and take CD’s too, so that you can mix it up a little during the days!

HGV drivers have said on forums that they like to use their evenings or break times to try and learn new things, some listen to language tapes, or even take books about different subjects and to try and pick up different things – anything to pass the time and keep the brain active!


Get exercise where and when you can

We know that on your breaks you’ll be tired and just want to chill out, but try and get out and walk around in the fresh air if you can! It’ll be better for your body to walk around a bit after sitting all day and any little bit of exercise you can get will be good for you too!



Keep an eye on the regulations to make sure that you’re keeping your hours legal and are taking enough breaks! With all of these tips above you can make your life on the road just like a home from home, and with the comforts, you’ll definitely stay happy.

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