How to find the best HGV driver agency for you

How to find the best HGV driver agency for you


Are you happy in your current HGV driver job?

Whether you’re getting a poor salary, shifts you don’t want to work, or no opportunity to go on training and development courses, you are entitled to look for a better HGV driver agency.

But how do you go about finding the right agency for you? Here’s a few tips to make the process easier…

Pay and incentives

The number one priority for most drivers looking to move agency is money.

Due to a shortfall of skilled drivers in an industry that is desperately seeking workers, pay for drivers is very good.

Whilst some agencies will offer large salaries or big incentives initially to tempt you in, make sure you do as much research as possible to find out whether the figures they are advertising are plausible.

Certifications and clients

A great way to judge an agency is through the certifications and awards they may hold. Look out on their website and documents for ISO badges, or representation that they are part of a leading-industry group such as the REC.

Also look for and ask the agency about the clients they work for. This will give you an insight into where you may be working, as well as the reputation they have will reputable brands.

Training and development

Investing in your future can reap rewards as you will already know from taking your HGV licence.

Is your existing or new agency offering any additional training that will improve your skills and your CV? Or perhaps are they an ‘Investor in People’ title holder?

Training gives you a new path to develop your career and potentially earn more money, don’t move to an agency that doesn’t provide this support.

Knowledge and experience

You may have already come across an agency that has no real clue about the HGV driver industry despite boasting their expertise.

When looking for a new agency, look for a company that is reputable in the industry and comes across as being a knowledgeable and experienced.

Also look to see whether they have a loyal driver pool and make a decision based upon these factors as to whether they are the right agency for you.

Finding your ideal agency

These points will help guide you towards the most suitable agency you need. Remember that although the grass isn’t always greener, there are companies that are genuine, honest and will offer a competitive salary.

Here at Employ Recruitment UK, we are constantly on the lookout for new drivers.

We treat all our drivers as individuals working with them to find the type of work and shift patterns to best suit their needs.



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