Logistics Managers guide to staying on top of HGV drivers’ hours compliance

Logistics Managers guide to staying on top of HGV drivers’ hours compliance

HGV driver compliance can be a monotonous and admin-filled task for those logistics managers that are still relying on an excel spreadsheet to keep up-to-date. Without a correct and proper system to monitor drivers, you are putting yourself at risk of breaking the law, and with 46.3% of all HGV offences that lead to prosecution are down to drivers’ hours, it’s worth spending the time now looking at a different way of working.


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In a recent report by the FTA (Freight Transport Association) the main responsibility for most logistics managers was the need to stay on top of drivers’ hour compliance. When permanent and temporary drivers are both thrown into the mix, managing drivers’ hours can be a tough task.

With this information in mind, here’s our guide to staying on top of HGV drivers’ hours compliance better:

Invest in a FMS

Investing in a reliable FMS (Fleet Management Software) system is a great place to start. With the ability to gather, store, process, monitor and report on information collated from your drivers’ tachographs, this could help you manage driver compliance better, as well as increasing productivity, controlling fuel costs, improving safety, reducing labour costs and allowing you to spend less time on administration tasks. A win/win all round.

Some systems also offer the availability to save additional information about your fleet such as routine maintenance, MOT, tax and insurance renewal dates.

Keep updated on new regulations

As mentioned at the top of the blog, remaining compliant was the main challenge logistics and transport managers said they faced. You will already know the regulations around HGV drivers, EU & WTD rules, but it is still important to familiarise yourself with these, and also be aware of any changes made by the government.

To stay on top of any changes and refer back to the law at any point, bookmark this link towards drivers’ hours rules and guidance and this link on rules for employers.

Working closer with your driver agency

Whether you ask for a driver 1 day, 1 week or 1 month in advanced, your current HGV driver agency should be able to deliver a driver to you who is ready to drive your required shift

With an agency driver, it is hard to know their working patterns right away and merge them into your current list of drivers. To avoid this confusion of hours between your permanent and temporary drivers, you should aim to work with your agency closer to really assess the gaps you need filling as far ahead as possible.

At Employ, we offer a free on-site assessment to discuss what, when and where you need help. The on-site assessment includes a complete agency cost report of your current set-up, as well as how you could save money.

To get more compliant and more efficient at the same time, speak to Employ today.

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