The Top 5 HGV sat nav devices on the market in 2015

The Top 5 HGV sat nav devices on the market in 2015

Looking at buying the best HGV sat nav device you can get your hands on?

Using feedback from HGV drivers themselves, we’ve researched the best devices on the market this year, and this is what we found…

Top 5 HGV sat nav devices

5 – Noza Tec 7” Truck Lorry Sat Nav


  • Rating: 7/10 (37 reviews)
  • Price: £48.88
  • Top feature: Lifetime map updates
  • Biggest weakness: Slower than other devices

The low price and high scores on customer reviews of this device puts the Noza in the top 5. Featuring lifetime map updates, lane assist, speedcam and traffic alerts, this seems an absolute bargain and a must purchase for HGV drivers on a budget.

Sample review

“Fantastic value for money, no problems, it also arrived before time, I would recommend this sat nav to all lorry drivers. (and I have been driving lorries for 30 years all over the EU)”.


4 – Garmin Dezl 560LT


  • Rating: 8/10 (42 reviews)
  • Price: £339.00
  • Top feature: Photo real junction view and lane assist
  • Biggest weakness: Discontinued by manufacturer

Designed exclusively for the trucking industry, this device calculates a route based on the vehicle information you put in – great for those drivers who change vehicle frequently. The 5” display’s rugged design, extra loud speaker and external video output was praised highly by customers.

Sample review

“I’ve used loads of different sat navs over the years but this is the best. One of the best features is the services icon. I use BP for my agency card, I just press the nearest BP station and it gives me a route to get to it and when finished goes back to its original route.”


3 – TomTom Pro Live 5150


  • Rating: 8/10 (78 reviews)
  • Price: £329.95
  • Top feature: Truck routing and free map updates across Europe
  • Biggest weakness: Cost of product

Capable of calculating an accurate arrival time, and direct you away from dead-ends, sharp turns, u-turns and low bridges, the TomTom sat nav is built around safety and speed for HGV drivers.

Sample review

“This is an excellent piece of kit. I’ve been using mine now for several weeks in my job, and have been driving trucks from 40 tonne artic’s to 7.5 tonne wagons, even used it as a normal car sat nav as well!”


2 – Snooper Truckmate Pro UK Sound DB8500


  • Rating: 9/10 (3 reviews)
  • Price: £399.95
  • Top feature: Intelligent speed, junction and traffic software
  • Biggest weakness: Cost of product

With turn-by-turn voice instructions and a great range of intelligent software extras to give you greater safety, the DB8500 comes in at 2nd place. Also features a DAB digital radio that was rated highly by current drivers.

Sample review

“Yes it is great for truck drivers and also great when parked up as you can watch TV. I’ve travelled from Lands’ End to Johnny Groats and it never took me under bridges when I typed in the height and length of the truck. The best sat nav there is.”


1 – Snooper Truckmate Pro S8000 UK


  • Rating: 9/10 (20 reviews)
  • Price: £349.00
  • Top feature: Free lifetime map updates
  • Biggest weakness: Cost of product

The top spot goes to the Truckmate Pro S8000 UK which has beat the 2nd place Snooper on the quantity of positive customer reviews. The 7” touch screen with DVB TV and Bluetooth handsfree included, was praised throughout for its speed and quality.

Sample review

“The live travel feed is also awesome, if the red car pops up on the left side it tells you if there’s been an accident or a build-up of heavy traffic, but the great thing is it will give you the option for divert.”


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