There’s more to CPC training than just drivers

There’s more to CPC training than just drivers

WITH training at the top of the logistics agenda due to the September deadline for Driver CPC training, transport managers are being urged to follow their lead.

While most operators ensure Driver CPC qualifications are reviewed on an annual basis, this doesn’t apply to transport managers who are only required to take their CPC qualifications once.

 Katie Austin, compliance manager at logistics training company Employ Recruitment UK, said it was essential for managers to update and refresh their skills to stay on top of the changes in compliance legislation.

 She said: “New legislation which affects the logistics sector is coming into force all the time, and whether you are managing a fleet of five or 500 no one can use ignorance as an excuse for non compliance.

“With the international and national qualification now combined into one exam it’s easier to get qualified, while we also home study courses as well to make learning more flexible.

“But once managers achieve their CPC they should also consider taking a refresher course so they stay one step ahead of any changes which affect them.”

 Brett Morris, transport development manager for DHL and Sainsbury’s in Stoke manages 140 drivers, and said they had a culture of continuous professional development at all levels.

“Keeping up to speed with these qualifications is crucial as we have three audits a year where these are checked,” he said.

“But for any transport manager job this CPC qualification is important, as without it your future career options are limited.

“It is a practical course which covers everything from driver hours right through to rules on transporting animals and dangerous goods.”

He added that the next issue for operators would be to meet the challenge of attracting and training up new drivers from scratch, as the logistics industry faces a drop in driver numbers due to an ageing workforce.

Katie at ERUK added: “Offering training for transport managers was a natural extension for us as we already offer Driver CPC courses at our Derbyshire base.

“We already have people booked in for our 10-day course in June, and if they fail their exam on the first attempt we will cover the cost of the next one if they want to sit it again.”

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