Top 5 driving gadgets every HGV driver must have

Top 5 driving gadgets every HGV driver must have

What are the best driving gadgets for HGV drivers?

After talking to our 140-strong drivers, we’ve found these 5 gadgets to be the best, but do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

1 – iPad/Tablet device


Used to listen to music, stream television or play games, iPads and other tablet devices have become an essential all-in-one entertainment tool for our drivers.

You can charge them up whilst driving and then turn to them to relieve the boredom during downtime on long trips experienced by trampers.

The best on the market? Apple’s devices are very popular, but take a look at Google’s Nexus tablet available for less than £180.00.

2 – Specialist sat nav


Most HGV drivers have the confidence to rely on their own direction rather than a sat nav. But our drivers found them very useful in meeting time deadlines when traffic jams are forecast ahead of them and an alternative route is required.

Although some HGVs now include built-in systems, specialist sat navs taking into consideration lorry size are invaluable. Snooper’s Truckmate Pro UK Sound with free updates is available from £399.

3 – Bluetooth hands-free kit


Whether their kits included an ear piece or a speaker on their dashboard, our drivers rated their hands-free systems in their top 3 best gadgets.

Whether it is getting updates on a new job, this was the driving gadget they definitely couldn’t live without.

The Parrot MKi92000 Bluetooth Car Kit is a favourite.

4 – Portable freezer


Cold drinks and ice creams on hot days, the portable freezer is a surprising addition to the top 5 gadgets, but one of the most useful according to our drivers.

Trampers found this particularly useful for keeping things cool with the Waeco CoolFreeze CDF-25 with a 25 litre capacity having a near perfect rating on Amazon.

5 – Portable oven


Another surprise addition to the top 5 but drivers found the ability to reheat and toast food on-the-go saved them time and money.

Available to use on any 24v vehicle, drivers mentioned that the initial investment was well worth paying in the long run. The Brookstone BR390865 available from Amazon was singled out as one of the best products on the market.

Importance of in cab comfort

In cab comfort is essential for any HGV driver and these 5 driving gadgets prove just that.

As well as gadgets, having a great choice of radio stations, quiz websites, HGV driver forums and TV streaming services can all help to create a comfortable cab in your HGV.

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