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Driver Testimonials

When working for ERUK it is important to us that you have the best experience possible. We want our drivers to be happy in their work and be proud of the work they do.

ERUK care about their drivers, you are not just a name on a sheet or a driver on a shift, we want to get to know you personally so we can work in partnership with you to make sure the clients are served with an excellent service, but also that you are happy in your role as a professional driver.

Lots of companies will state the above, but don’t just take our word for it, read what our driver testimonials say about us below.

“From the bottom of my heart you really are the best agency I have ever worked for!”

-James Cox


“This company is by far the best that I have ever worked for! They are straight forward, no lies that you can get from a lot of agencies. You can trust them to always have your money out on time, and the right amount. If you are a good reliable driver then this is the place for you. Good clean work on good clean fresh trucks. Employ Recruitment in my opinion is the best kept secret in the industry, but is about to go mega because of its efficiency! So yes, highly recommended!!”

-Sean McHugh


“Employ understand that a drivers job is not finished when the driver finishes there is a damn site more to it and Employ tick all the boxes!”

 – G. Osbourne


“ I’ve been driving for employment agencies for 2 years, I have used other agencies, but none have been a patch on Employ Recruitment and in my opinion, they are far in front of any other agency I’ve worked for in the past. Here are a few reasons for this; they are consistent in finding me work on a regular basis in these hard times, the staff at Employ are always friendly, polite, competent and efficient. I’ve had and regularly send information to make sure I’m up to date with the current laws and they’ve always been able to advise, bring me up to speed and correctly answer any legal questions . They accord to the working time directive and work strictly within the driving laws, even if it creates problems for people, they are strict in operation and will not tolerate law breakers and believe me not all agencies operate in this manner.”

– J Brewster, Derbyshire


I have been driving for Employ Recruitment for the last 7 years; the staff are friendly and really look after me. I know they have a tough job to do but they are extremely helpful and are always on hand with their support. At Employ Recruitment they care about their drivers and they are always a pleasure to talk to, I look forward to visiting their offices regularly.

– Mick Bennett


I’ve found Bonnie to be spot on and as helpful as anyone can be, all she asks are for drivers that fit the spec and won’t let her down. I hope that i can class myself as one of those type of drivers, after she was able to secure long term work for me with a decent company and for decent pay, after another driver let her know, his loss, my gain! I’ve also found the agency to be spot on, with their ethos to help the driver secure the right job for them! They’re also brilliant even when you find yourself in hospital. (another story) So, be flexible and earn what they say, who wouldn’t want to earn £40k+ just to run when they need you to run…no brainer!

-Dave Ruttle



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