Why taking your HGV Class 1 licence will be the best thing you do

Why taking your HGV Class 1 licence will be the best thing you do

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Taking your HGV Class 1 licence and passing it means that you are entitled to drive any LGV vehicle. Although the licence includes a theory and test that can become expensive, there are many reasons why choosing to do the licence will be the best thing you do.

Here’s just three reasons…

Better pay

Probably the sole reason why most drivers look to complete their HGV Class 1 licence as fast as possible – getting a better salary.

Drivers with a class 1 licence can expect a much higher salary on average compare to class 2 drivers. According to Total Jobs, here are the UK salary details for HGV drivers:

HGV Class 1 licence

  • Highest wage: £32,500
  • Average wage: £31,787
  • Lowest wage: £26,406

HGV Class 2 licence

  • Highest wage: £23,724
  • Average wage: £20,536
  • Lowest wage: £18,789

If you’re looking to get a better salary and you’re still a HGV Class 2 driver, gaining your licence is a great way of increasing your chances.

For limited company drivers, although the investment without a company’s financial support makes the test expensive, it is definitely worth the investment in the long term.

More opportunities

Are you limited by the current jobs market because you haven’t got the top licence?

Your Class 1 will single-handedly open up more opportunities on your career path and increase the demand for your services.

As the UK already experiences a shortage of HGV drivers, the added European rules surrounding better driver training means demand at the moment is way outstripping the supply.

HGV Class 1 licence drivers are a valuable commodity and getting your test done now will stand you in good stead when you re-enter the jobs market at some stage.

Better qualifications

As well as boosting your CV for your next job interview, passing your HGV Class 1 means you will be allowed to drive any rigid vehicle with a trailer over 750kg, up to a combined weight of 44 tonnes.

You will also be entitled to drive a 7.5 tonne and trailer and a car with towing trailer as part of the test – opening up the jobs market further at the same time.

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