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Using the Smartbox

Using the Smartbox
Sammy Johnson

Employ have Smartboxes located in the transport offices of our lead clients and should be used by all of our drivers to clock in and out of shifts.

You insert your DIGI card into our Smart box machine at the start and end of each shift which calculates your start time, finish time and completes your break down – drive, break, other work and POA (period of availability)

  1. At the start of your shift, insert your digi card, and it will show all of your shift information including:  Your Name, Client, Booking Time and Start Time. (Please note you cannot clock in more than 15 minutes earlier than your shift start time)
  2. When your card has been inserted, check all details are correct and then select ‘confirm’.
  3. Once you have finished your shift, re-insert your card, this will then show the hours you have completed for that shift, and you can clock out. (If the break, POA or other work does not match what is on your print out then you can change the hours by using the – and + buttons.)

Why should you use the Smartbox?

  • Save time and improve accuracy of collecting drivers hours.
  • Automatically sends hours to our system.
  • Information will be used for payroll, and it will be more accurate with no room for human error.
  • The system does not allow drivers to clock in any more than 15 minutes early; ensuring drivers are 100% compliant.

Our Smartbox video will show you in more detail how to use our smartbox.

Occasionally the Smartboxes do have errors, if this is the case, please let the team know by texting or calling in, and ensure that you send your breakdown directly after your shift in the following detail: Start Time; Finish Time; Break; POA; Other Work.