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Agency Excellence Scheme

Employ Recruitment are proud to be part of the Agency Excellence Scheme with Logistics UK.

The scheme is a voluntary initiative which has been developed alongside driver agencies and operators, and aims to recognise, encourage and promote good practice within the sector.

The benefits of using an agency that is part of the scheme include:

  • Mitigates risk by auditing your agency against three fundamental areas: Core business standards, driver recruitment standards and driver management standards
  • Raising the standard of the driver agencies within your supply chain
  • Confidence in using driver agencies that understand your operational needs
  • Assists in demonstrating ‘due diligence’ for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme
  • Free to specify the scheme – include in your approved supplier requirements or tender process

Sadie Weston, Employ’s Managing Director says, “This is the only industry accreditation that ensures compliance to the highest standard. I have personally experienced the impact of working for a non-compliant agency back in 2003 and have spent the last 17 years setting up Employ Recruitment, whom I benchmark to be one of the most compliant agencies in the UK, along with the others that hold seats on the governance group for the scheme.”

Driver Agency Excellence is managed by Logistics UK and steered by a Governance Group, made up of specialist driver agencies. This is the only industry accreditation that provides a standard relevant to the operator for safety and compliance. At Employ Recruitment, our core value is compliance and being part of this initiative allows us to, not only confirm our compliance, but ensure we are continually developing to be the most compliant we can.


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