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Driver 24/7 Crisis Response Support – LMP Legal

Our drivers are important to us and in the event of their involvement in a collision, a driver may be asked questions at the scene which can pose legal risks to the individual and the company they are contracted to at the time. Whilst it is hoped that this never happens, in the event of a collision, immediate legal representation ensures avoidable liability for themselves and the company.

We have arrange 24/7 legal assistance service for our drivers with LMP Legal who ensure any of our drivers involved in a police attended/blue light attended collision will be offered immediate legal support. This protects our drivers and clients as well as Employ.

Why chose 24/7 legal roadside protection for our drivers?
Driving offences are the only ‘criminal offence’ whereby an officer can take an initial account at the roadside without doing it formally at the police station and advising a person of their right to be represented.

A driver is at their most vulnerable in the immediate aftermath of something so traumatic as a serious road traffic incident that they are liable to say anything, even if it isn’t at all accurate. They often guess as to what could have happened, or are influenced by those around them, and truthfully, they are in no fit state to be answering questions. As a result, drivers often incriminate themselves at the scene meaning that it is that much harder to defend them later down the line if or when they are charged with an offence. It is no exaggeration to say that cases are literally won and lost at the roadside.

This can also have a huge impact on the company given that they have no control over what the driver is saying or how or where they are until the police decide to release them. Companies and senior individuals within the company can also be incriminated as a result of poor management and control at the scene of a collision and can go to prison, be fined or both. It also often results in more expensive compensation claims for the company and the insurers, which impacts on future premiums.

LMP Legal offers:
• A 24/7 helpline connecting drivers with a specialist lawyer for advice, representation and protection as soon as a collision occurs.
• Attendance at police station, legally privileged driver interview.
• Early dialogue with the police to advise the driver from the moment the collision occurs.
• Provision of the driver’s written statement to the police.
• Pragmatic advice as to the charges faced, ramifications of those charges and advice/ representation in the event of being charged.
• Expert and timely advice allows companies and insurers to set more accurate insurance reserves.
• Manage the PR issues arising out of any incident, reducing the reputational impact on the organisation.
• Company peace of mind and access to information, to which it would not normally be privileged.
• Shortened claim lifespan.
• Reduced insurance claims/premiums.

The partnership offers national coverage which enables them to provide immediate support from the roadside. Crucially, this is not an insurer helpline or an ‘FNOL’ (First notification of loss) service. It is a direct route through to a criminal lawyer for immediate advice and representation.

Aside from the cost and reputational implications, both LMP Legal and Employ believe that it is morally right that drivers are protected when they are driving through the course of their employment.