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We have created bespoke digital software to support safe practice 100% of the time with complete visibility of shift uptake, saving time and increasing efficiency. Meet DRS: Driver Recruitment Software.

We believe that software is the future of recruitment and Employ have been at the heart of developing recruitment management software specifically for our purpose: ‘Driver Recruitment Software’ (DRS). The software uses algorithms to fully manage Working Time Directives, EU Drivers’ Hours, Conduct Regulations, Agency Workers Regulations, IR35, and licence criteria with 100% accuracy to ensure we never place a non-compliant driver.

We also use DRS to manage your bookings, so we can provide you with the most efficient and comprehensive service possible, as well as visibility of shift fulfilment. By adding your bookings to the web-portal, we are able to select the best match to your needs via our pool of drivers, through software algorithms.

DRS can be used for recruitment in multiple industries, including transport, commercial and industrial, but we have outlined below some of the many software benefits when used in logistics recruitment.


Remote Candidate Registration

Our remote, digital registration harnesses the latest advancements in technology.  This seamless process removes the need to manually upload and process documents, with automatic online ID checks for the necessary Right to Work documentation. It’s quick, efficient and 100% compliant.  This system allows us to attract and register new drivers, efficiently regardless of their location.


Candidate App

The ERUK app is the easiest way for candidates to manage their shifts and communicate with the Employ team.  Drivers can easily update their availability, manage day to day shifts, and confirm bookings.  The app includes access to payslips in real-time to help drivers monitor their pay.  Our instant messaging function keeps everyone connected at all times for a rapid response to queries.


Driver Recruitment Software (DRS)

The benefits for Candidate Management:

  • Candidates complete an online registration form that automatically generates their profile, including all HR and compliance information
  • Electronic copies of contracts, work schedules and performance reviews are all kept in one place
  • Infringements and performance are effectively managed
  • Candidates are able to select their preferred place of work and shift patterns
  • Communication is efficient across a range of platforms: SMS, email, app or call
  • Real-time visibility of candidate availability, compliance and bookings
  • The candidate app, enables notifications for shifts, license renewals and even bespoke messages, such as Happy Birthday for a personalised service to be sent
  • Timesheets are not needed; candidates clock in and out on-site, or they can upload their hours via the app, which automatically populates DRS.

Driver Recruitment Software (DRS)

The benefits for Compliance Management:

  • A fully auditable, compliance management system
  • Eliminates human error DRS fully manages the working time directive in real-time
  • Eliminates human error DRS fully manages EU drivers’  hours in real-time
  • Imposes AWR regulations across candidate resource
  • Manages conduct regulations easily
  • Fully compliant to IR35 and the GDPR
  • The system will notify users of upcoming expiry dates for licensing and compliance documents
  • Bespoke compliance rules can be set per client, including licensing, training, experience and qualifications.

Driver Recruitment Software (DRS)

The benefits for Client Management:

The online portal allows end users to add and amend their own bookings, verify shifts ahead of invoicing, plus review their invoices and KPI data in real-time

  • Removes the need for multiple emails
  • You will see in real-time when bookings have been filled
  • Streamline working and make changes quickly and effectively
  • Using the dashboard you can view in seconds, data on shift fulfilment, accidents and incidents, infringement rates, candidate performance and cost analysis
  • Sets your own specific licensing and insurance criteria
  • Improves the way you communicate with us, allowing more time to focus of added value services
  • Manages all complex rate structures within the logistics recruitment industry.

Driver Recruitment Software (DRS)

The benefits for Finance Management:

  • Time saving on payroll; invoicing is guaranteed
  • Automatically populates payroll and invoicing software, including exports for Sage and Xero
  • You are able to verify their own shifts, so payroll and invoicing are generated with the click of a button
  • Able to manage profitability and generate real-time cost reports instantly
  • Instant data available via the interactive finance dashboard which can be viewed in seconds for figures on costs, turnover and margins; all filtered by date, candidate or bespoke settings can be enabled.

Driver Recruitment Software

The benefits for Booking Management:

  • Automating this manual process generates up to 30% cost reduction in staffing and overtime
  • DRS suggests the most the suitable candidate for your unfilled vacancies using algorithms based on compliance and preference
  • View candidate availability and work easily from one screen with our visual planner with a colour-coded booking status
  • Configure the screen for preference, view bookings, status, region or bespoke filters
  • Receive real-time booking confirmations from the candidate app
  • Book candidates on multiple shifts easily, even a year in advance, and know you’re 100% compliant
  • Reduce the time spent filling bookings,  to focus on distribution activity over admin
  • Fill multiple shifts in minutes, so we can get to the difficult to cover shifts sooner.

Craig Hackford, Consulting and Standards at Logistics UK – where DRS which manages all aspects of auditing, rated the all-encompassing system as 10 out of 10 for information provision from the audits and said ‘None of the systems I’ve come across at other agencies has its own analysis engine for EU Driver Hours and WTD!’

“The expertise and knowledge of the industry within the DRS team was evident from the offset. DRS is a very effective system for any recruitment agency who wants to safely stay within legal requirement.  I will recommend DRS to anyone that I know, thank you again for the fantastic service.” 

Staying Connected to Candidates

Our ERUK App enables us to rapidly respond to urgent bookings, with automated messaging to candidates; we waste no time in sourcing the right driver, for the right job. 

Candidates can use the app to accept, or decline shifts, which is integrated into the live planning feature. The system will only suggest compliant, suitable and available candidates, based on their location. You can sit back and watch your shifts being filled!

Payroll made easy, saving time!

Visible hours and payroll are enabled via the app for each candidate, avoiding time consuming pay queries within finance departments. Our automated payroll reaches out to your ERP, HR or Time & Attendance system to load daily data; automated submission to HMRC means zero compliance risk. Any number of users can access paiyroll® from any device and browser; no software, updates, or backup is required. It reduces pay errors and frees up time from what was time consuming manual tasks like timesheets; it really does help transform finance departments.


In a digital world driven by convenience, orchestrated by automation, we believe direct communication has never been more important to build and develop our driver network.
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