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We provide specialist logistics recruitment and nationally accredited professional driver courses.

We offer a strategic partnership which provides our clients with a reliable driver workforce to ensure their distribution operates efficiently. Our automated processes assure 100% compliance to all legislative requirements, eliminating any legal exposure. Streamlined communication systems keep our clients and drivers connected, as well as saving time. Our Driver Recruitment Software (DRS) provides real-time visibility and control, prompting pro-active planning during peak periods.

Being up to date on compliance issues, as well as our industry expertise, means Employ has one of the safest driver recruitment agency records in the UK. We are different because of several measures that we have in place such as our senior management holding their Transport Manager CPC. We also have an in-house Compliance Manager, whose role it is to guide, mentor and manage drivers to be up to date and trained on all compliance matters; she also holds her Transport Manager CPC. We have online safety training and reminders for our drivers and address wellbeing issues linked to safer driver habits. Our bespoke software ensures 100% compliance against regulations and legislation.

Employ is not your average driving agency; we work differently to other agencies and start by looking at whether we can add value to your business as a long-term partner. By providing a number of drivers which increases month on month, we reach optimum supply levels, which become the new norm and then we begin adding value to your business. We achieve this by improving fulfilment rate, compliance, driver behaviours, saving time, reducing accidents, breaches and damage along with their associated claims and cost impact. Over the long-term, costs are reduced and the day to day running of logistics improves, overcoming internal challenges that recruiting temporary resources can pose, as well as finding the right people for permanent logistics roles outside the remit of regular driver supply.

We have over 16 years niche logistic sector experience and developed our service range to accommodate the specialist resource needs of our clients. Our services include:


Driver Resource

For over a decade, we’ve supported logistic companies with their driver resource to ensure their distribution remains efficient. Our processes are designed to ensure 100% compliance across all industry regulations. We monitor accident, incident and infringement rates to make continued improvements.

Forging a strategic working partnership with our clients means we understand current and future demands so we can pro-actively plan resource. Our national driver database is a growing network with a high retention rate culminating in 99.6% shift fulfilment, week after week.


Temp to Perm

We offer a partnership which focuses on the planning, process, engagement and retention of candidates; a technique which has naturally matured through years of experience to establish a trusted partnership with both our candidates and clients. When a temp to perm opportunity arises, we co-ordinate an effortless transition.

Over the last 5 years we have transitioned 57 drivers from temp to perm.


Permanent Recruitment

Whether you’re recruiting for your current vacancies or your future pipeline, we’ll find the very best people for your business. We offer an integrated approach to permanent recruitment which allows us to attract and engage people with the appropriate logistics experience.

Our consultants work collaboratively with clients to identify specific details of the role, including skills, personality traits, qualifications and experience.

We integrate employer branding within the recruitment process to mirror an organisation’s brand image, values and vision. Our recruitment process includes assessment, sourcing and screening to deliver a short list of capable candidates.


Executive Roles

 When you’re searching for Executive talent, you know they will lead, shape and define your business which is why there is zero room for error when recruiting for leadership roles. Our industry networks developed and nurtured over many years are based on trust and respect. Our logistics search service delivers high-calibre professionals, most of which are ‘off-market’ but sourced by ourselves with confidentiality and integrity assured.

Our search service includes a bespoke assessment designed for ability, experience and most importantly, a cultural fit. We operate with the highest standard of candidate engagement to ensure every candidate experience is a positive one, regardless of the outcome.


Industrial & Manufacturing Staff

Staff in the warehousing and manufacturing sectors need to be skilled, reliable and productive; as a trusted recruiter we can ensure we supply you with the right candidates when you need them.

We specialise in sourcing and placing temporary and permanent staff to businesses throughout the UK, whether that is a single staff member or a fully managed workforce. We can provide a tailored solution whatever your needs may be, ensuring the method and service meets your expectations. Our experience and capability within the industrial, manufacturing and commercial sector is extensive.

We can recruit, manage and supply a range of roles which can include the following:
• Warehouse Operative Jobs
• Assembly Operative Jobs
• Picker And Packer Jobs
• Goods-In Jobs
• Goods-Out Jobs
• Stock Control Jobs
• Dispatch Jobs
• Production Line Jobs
• Industrial Cleaners
• Machine Operators
• Assemblers
• Electronic Assemblers
• Flt Drivers
• Welders
• Team Leaders
• Supervisors
• Quality Control
• Production Managers


Commercial Staff

Here at Employ Recruitment, we have a division which specialises in supplying staff to fulfil temporary and permanent positions for Commercial/Office staff across the UK. We know a company’s success depends on the work ethic of each employee. With the use of our extensive databases, we have access to a range of talented people within the commercial industry.

Our consultants have a proven track record of sourcing high quality candidates using a wide variety of advertising and networking methods, which generate a pool of high-quality candidates to meet your staffing requirements. Through a thorough interview process involving rigorous compliance checks, we are able to develop a cost-effective solution that can take the recruitment hassle off your shoulder.

We offer a professional, genuine and honest service. Building great relationships with people is our business and the reason for our continued success. We understand our business inside-out and deliver what we promise!

Some of the typical job types we recruit for, include but are not limited to:
• Office Administration jobs
• Payroll jobs
• Credit Control jobs
• Consultation jobs
• HR Jobs
• Finance & Accountancy Jobs
• Sales Administrator jobs
• Sales Executive jobs
• Account Manager jobs
• Office Support jobs


Driver Recruitment Software (DRS)

We have created bespoke digital software to support safe practice, 100% of the time with complete visibility and control, saving time and increasing efficiency. DRS uses algorithms to fully manage industry compliance and regulations with 100% accuracy to ensure we never place a non-compliant driver.

We also use DRS to manage your bookings, so we can provide you with the most efficient and comprehensive service possible, as well as visibility of shift fulfilment. By adding your bookings to the web-portal, we are able to select the best match to your needs via our pool of drivers through software algorithms.

You can adapt to last minute changes because you can edit your booking which will notify us instantly as well as the driver. You can then verify the hours at the click of a button and even view your KPI dashboard, driver’s performance as well as a full audit trail, all on the system.


Safety Software

The Connected Safety Net App has been designed to radically change the claims management process; it’s essential that business benefits be delivered.

Additional features include digitalisation of the complete end to end incident/claims process, enabling AI/ML to automate and predict safety trends which in doing so, significantly reduces claims and business insurance premiums.

Benefits to your business include:

  • advanced safety in the workplace
  • significant reduction in employer liability claims
  • reduction in sickness and absence
  • proactive management of safety through machine learning
  • enables further opportunities to improve safety (motion tracker)
  • complete safety solution
  • live incident capture
  • investigation at scene
  • end to end claims solution
  • annual & monthly audits
  • risk assessments.

Connected Safety Net can be integrated into DRS.


Logistics Consultancy

Connect. Optimise. Deliver.

Full service support for Logistics Businesses.
WIN understands the industry is constantly dealing with increasing and ever-changing expectations, however, the UK Logistics market is also growing and is now the fourth largest contributor to the UK economy. Whilst there may be challenges, WIN can help you find the right opportunities for your success.

With a growing team and network, WIN can provide support, guidance and resources for whatever your Logistics Business requires.

What does WIN do?

  • Finance & Funding
  • Brokerage
  • Recruitment
  • Transport Consultancy

WIN’s services are delivered by strong industry professionals from across the UK, each with years of hands-on experience in their sector. Working with WIN Logistics gives you access to their unique network of knowledge and expertise that you won’t find anywhere else.

WIN’s mission is to support the efficacy and growth of the Logistics Industry through their complete service offering for Logistics Businesses. WIN Logistics was founded by Nick Winder in 2018 to provide something that the Logistics industry had not seen before: full service support for logistic businesses, from finance through to recruitment. With over 21 years of experience working for logistic organisations, Nick wanted to harness his knowledge and skills to create a business that could provide real support for the Logistics industry, whenever and however it is needed.



Driver CPC Training

We offer a selection of unique, industry leading, approved Driver CPC courses which are specifically designed for the haulage sector and are delivered in-house by our dedicated training team.

  • Delivering the Goods (LGV Only)
  • Driver Welfare (LGV & PCV)
  • Drivers Hours & Tacho Awareness (LGV & PCV)
  • Drivers Hours Rules (LGV & PCV)
  • Fire Awareness (LGV & PCV)
  • First Aid Awareness (LGV & PCV)
  • Health & Safety for Drivers (LGV & PCV)
  • Loading & Unloading (LGV Only)
  • Manual Handling (LGV or PCV)
  • Road Traffic Accidents (LGV & PCV)
  • Rules of the Road (LGV & PCV)
  • Use of Tachographs (LGV & PCV)
  • Walk Around Checks & Defect Reports (LGV or PCV)

Transport Manager

Road Haulage CPC is the leading qualification for transport managers to demonstrate their professional competence in order to gain an ‘O’ Licence. Applicants for a Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence must show that they are ‘professionally competent’ or that they employ a transport manager who meets the requirements.

This qualification is offered on behalf of the Department for Transport and in relation to the current EU directive. It is suitable for those wishing to enter the profession of passenger transport management or demonstrate professional competence to meet the operator licensing requirements.

The course includes:

  • A high-quality and efficient training experience
  • Nine training days with an experienced trainer in our virtual training room
  • One day for 2 exams: 1 x multiple choice and 1 x case study
  • All course materials and exam fees included.

The course is taught over a number of sessions with delegates attending guided learning sessions or tutorials each week. During the course, assessments will be set by the tutor and will be marked and returned with guidance on how to achieve best performance.

Full Award Certificate is issued once all units are passed.

Our training can be tailor made to meet your company’s requirements.

Exams take place 4 times each year and we also offer re-fresher training for candidates who require to re-sit exams.

For further details or to discuss your training requirements please contact kathryn.martin@eruk.co.uk



Bespoke Campaigns

Whether you’re looking for top talent to join your  Executive Board, or opening a new depot and need a bank of new drivers, we can help support your search, with a bespoke campaign tailored to your obectives

Our advertising campaigns go far beyond traditional recruitment methods. Instead we take a creative approach to develop engaging campaigns that stimulate interest, and leverage the scope of the latest digital channels to connect with top talent.    



Our company culture places compliance first in order to maximise safety, Employ one of the safest driver recruitment agency records in the UK.



Driver Recruitment Software (DRS)  was designed for HGV driving recruitment, it provides 100% accuracy to ensure we never place a non-compliant driver.



Each year we survey our clients and drivers to obtain feedback regarding our service, this helps to form an improvement plan each year.



Check out our latest news updates, keeping you up to date with Employ and industry activity, what’s new, what’s changing and what’s coming up!



To cultivate a culture of safety, driven by compliance, awareness, education and training you have to develop engaging campaigns.