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Driving Solutions for Assured Compliance

Our company culture places compliance first in order to maximise safety.

Being up to date on compliance issues, as well as our industry expertise, means we understand our client’s needs as well as our drivers’. We go that extra mile in our service provision that gives Employ one of the safest driver recruitment agency records in the UK. We are different because of several measures that we have in place and means we help save costs in the long term through the reduction of accidents and breaches along with increased efficiencies.

Our in-house Compliance Manager makes a real difference to our safety and compliance operational processes. This unique role ensures up to date guidance is cascaded throughout our policies and procedures, as well as our staff and drivers. Our Compliance Manager holds their Transport Manager CPC, as do all our senior managers, and can mentor and manage drivers to be up to date and trained on all compliance matters.

In order to support our drivers further and protect our clients, we have partnered with a legal firm – LMP to provide 24/7 legal assistance to our drivers if involved in blue light/ police attended incident, for advice, representation and protection.


From the beginning of the recruitment process, we have compliance and safety at the heart of what we do and carry out competency testing with our drivers at registration, that includes WTD EU Drivers Hours & the Highway code. We also ensure all drivers complete the Bridge Strikes Toolbox Talk session as part of their registration. Once a driver is working for us, they are made aware that we have strict infringement processes linked to education and disciplinary procedures. We provide online CPD to ensure drivers are kept up to date and fulfil statutory requirements. In addition, we have partnered with a registered IDPS provider, to ensure ‘Right to Work’ checks that include updated legislation from the 1st of October 2022, are catered for seamlessly.


Our bespoke software – Driver Recruitment Software (DRS)– was designed for HGV driving recruitment and management. DRS provides 100% accuracy to ensure we never place a non-compliant driver.

It encompasses the Working Time Directive, EU Drivers’ Hours, Conduct Regulations, Agency Worker Regulations, License Criteria and IR35 through automated checks, so avoids human error as well as saving time to ensure shifts are fulfilled quickly. 


We constantly educate and raise awareness of road safety measures and advisories with our drivers through newsletters, campaigns, videos and online training. This can cover anything from education on Bridge strikes to driver fatigue. We believe driver wellbeing is closely related to road safety and therefore we constantly raise awareness and education of driver wellbeing topics through ongoing campaigns. This has included information on such things as diet, back and joint care management, sleep hygiene and stress management; all of which have links to road safety according to research.

Driver Agency Excellence Scheme

Employ Recruitment are proud to be part of the Agency Excellence Scheme with Logistics UK. The scheme is a voluntary initiative which has been developed alongside driver agencies and operators. It aims to recognise, encourage, and promote good practice within the sector. The benefits of using an agency that is part of the scheme include auditing, raising standards for drivers, recruitment and driver management.

Sadie Weston, Employ’s Managing Director says, “This is the only industry accreditation that ensures compliance to the highest standard. I have personally experienced the impact of working for a
non-compliant agency back in 2003 and have spent the last 17 years setting up Employ Recruitment, whom I benchmark to be one of the most compliant agencies in the UK, along with the others that hold seats on the governance group for the scheme.”

Driver awareness campaigns

Providing our drivers with information related to issues such as wellbeing, increases awareness regarding compliance as well as improving performance and decreasing the likelihood of an accident. Our recent driver wellbeing campaign communicated via videos, presentations and telephone calls, focused on areas such as fatigue, speed awareness, stress management and physical health.

Industry Compliance & Policy Guide
Copies of all our policies and processes are available upon request.

EU Drivers Hours
Working Time Directive
Driver CPC
Agency Workers Directive
Equal Opportunity & Diversity
Modern Slavery

Recruitment Process
Quarterly Licence Check
Incident & Accident Procedure
Ethical & Responsible Sourcing
Data Protection
Complaints Procedure

GDPR Policy
Privacy Policy
Website Policy
Cookies Policy



Our compliance process starts at the point of recruitment when we ensure that either of the following are met by drivers before registering: Standard: have an entitlement (licence C or C + E) for 6 months and have driven on the entitlement for 60 days with no more than 6 points and no major endorsements; are 21 years of age or over. Heightened: have held an entitlement (licence C or C + E) for 12 months and have driven on the entitlement for 60 days with no more than 6 points and no major endorsements; are 21 years of age or over. Once online registration is complete all drivers have to provide the following documents:

  • Driving Licence
  • Driver Card
  • Driver Qualification Card
  • Passport OR ID card
  • Proof of National Insurance Number
  • Proof of bank details
  • Right to Work documentation (if applicable)

A face-to-face interview either in person or via video takes place and ID checks are completed. Our thorough registration process ensures that our drivers are legal, experienced and knowledgeable of their roles to allow them to pass your assessments first time. We ask all of our drivers for a degree of flexibility to ensure we have enough resource to meet your needs. We work to the highest of standards in recruitment processes to provide you with top quality drivers, profiled to your requirements.



From April 2021, the Government is extending the off-payroll rules into the private sector. The new rules will apply to work done by contractors working as personal service companies (PSC). IR35 is the term used to describe the UK tax legislation for contractors.

Our software DRS is IR35 compliant. To read more click here




All staff members are trained to support driver wellbeing by using active listening skills to offer advice based on their extensive knowledge, in order to ensure our drivers are on time, and happy which reduces risk of untoward incidents/ accidents.

As a logistics specialist recruitment agency, we believe it is important that our staff have the knowledge required to ensure 100% compliant shift coverage. This is why we have invested in the training. Our senior managers hold their Transport Managers CPC and we have a inhouse Compliance Manager who holds their Transport Managers CPC. 

Driver LMP Legal Support

We provide  24/7 legal assistance service with LMP Legal who ensure any of our drivers involved in a police attended/blue light attended collision will be offered immediate legal support. The partnership offers national coverage which enables them to provide immediate support from the roadside. Crucially, this is not an insurer helpline or an ‘FNOL’ (First notification of loss) service. It is a direct route through to a criminal lawyer for immediate advice and representation. Aside from the cost and reputational implications, both LMP Legal and Employ believe that it is morally right that drivers are protected when they are driving through the course of their employment.


In a digital world driven by convenience, orchestrated by automation, we believe direct communication has never been more important to build and develop our driver network.
Our Resource section – ‘Driving Centre’, features our latest news, newsletters, campaigns, surveys, initiatives, and videos which we optimise to connect with our drivers.

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