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Are you a Limited Company Driver?

Are you a Limited Company Driver?
Sammy Johnson

Around half of our drivers are Limited Company Drivers, and with our Limited rates increasing recently making it even more appealing, we just wanted to give you all some information and helpful links from the Finance team on how to become Limited if you aren’t already and if you are, how to get the best out of being your own business.

First off, for those who are already Limited and work for Employ Recruitment, have you opted for Self-Billing? Self-billing is a government approved method of billing where Employ automatically generate your invoice based on the hours retrieved from our software. The invoice is produced on a Wednesday and sent out via email to be paid on Friday. This is a free service that saves time for drivers and is a popular method for many of our Limited Company Drivers.

We are recommending to all of our Limited Company Drivers to have read of the website to ensure you are doing everything correctly with running your Company. You can find all of the information here.

For those of you who are currently PAYE drivers but looking to become a Limited Company, please take a look at the which has a great guide on setting up your own Company.

We also understand that business banking can be a mine field and an expensive one at that, so we have found some great reads for those of you looking for the best bank account for your needs without paying unnecessary charges. Click here for more information.