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National Safety Week

Road Safety Week is an annual campaign, organised by Brake, the road safety charity. Every year, thousands of communities, schools and companies get involved to shout out for road safety where they live and work. The theme of Road Safety Week 2022 is SAFE ROADS FOR ALL. Every life on our roads matters, and every death and injury is preventable. Road Safety Week gives us all the opportunity to remember people killed or injured on UK roads, and raise funds to help Brake care for road victims and campaign for safe roads for all.

In light of this week being National Road Safety week, we’ve created a special edition newsletter to focus on road safety, which features reminders, tips and guidance on driving safety measures, which includes:

  • Accident Prevention Guide
  • Walk Around Check Guide
  • Bridge Strikes
  • Bridge Strike Fact Sheet
  • Route Check and  Height Conversion Table
  • Our Safety Video
  • How Couple and Uncouple a Trailer

Plus some exciting news about additional to support to our drivers.

Our company’s foundation was built to ensure that compliance comes first in order to maximise safety. We have developed many measures to enable this and are always seeking new improvements. Click here to read our National Safety Week Newsletter



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