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Our successful strategy to overcome a driver shortage

The driver shortage that has been creeping up year after year became more critical over the last 12 months, when the reality of Brexit hit, the impact of IR35, the loss of workforce due to retirement and the increased need of logistic activity due to market changes hit the nation. As an established logistics recruitment agency spanning nearly two decades, we have lasted through our expertise of understanding needs and developing a long-term plan to ensure our reputation as supplying drivers for 100% shift uptake to our clients, remained intact.

  • Careful analysis of our candidate attraction was the starting point of our approach, so we:
    reviewed all digital platforms including job boards, social media, e-shots, and referrals. We didn’t just review the results we analysed times of the week and times of the day, to ascertain the most effective time slots to post.
  • analysed our candidate interaction, engagement, and communication process so we learned how and when we could best connect with them.
  • analysed our clients’ requirements further and increased our communication with them.
  • optimised our candidate rapid registration facility via our app to increase volume of registrations, but we also engaged with them individually, ensuring each candidate felt personally connected to us, ensuring we knew their preferred working times to maximise shift uptake.

Our bold step to stop, analyse and plan, felt brave at the time when the country was in crisis, with reports on the news and public awareness growing regarding driver shortages and what it meant for them, leading to panic buying for some. Our strategic approach to review rather than react and fix the here and now, has proven successful. We have increased our new candidate registration by 75%, within a shrinking candidate pool, so feel that is pretty good and we have maintained our 100% shift uptake, consequently retaining our reputation with clients and our long-term success.


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