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The daily walkaround checks for HGV drivers

The daily walkaround checks for HGV drivers

As part of your duties as a HGV driver, you must perform the daily walkaround checks when starting your shift before you take your vehicle on the road. Below we’ve put together an overview of the checks involved and you can also watch this handy video from the DVSA.   There are apps available too now to act as a checklist for your daily walkaround, such as Predrive or Checkedsafe.

In cab checks:

  1. Good visibility for driver through cab windows and mirrors. All required mirrors fitted and adjusted correctly.
  2. Driving controls, seat and driver safety belt adjusted correctly.
  3. Windscreen washer, wipers, de-mister, and horn operating correctly.
  4. Tachograph calibrated with correct hours. Speed limiter plaque displayed.
  5. All instruments, gauges and other warning devices operating correctly (including ABS/EBS in-cab warning lights).
  6. No air leaks or pressure drop.

External vehicle checks:

  1. Vehicle sitting square and not leaning to one side.
  2. Tax, insurance and transport discs (if applicable) present and valid. Number plates clearly visible.
  3. Wheels in good condition and secure. Tyres undamaged with correct inflation and tread depth.
  4. All lights, reflectors and markings fitted, clean and in good condition.
  5. Exhaust secure with no excess noise or smoke.
  6. Air & electrical suzies and connectors fitted correctly (inc. ABS / EBS cable).
  7. Vehicle access, steps, catwalk or drawbar coupling in good condition.
  8. Vehicle body / wings / guards, side and rear / curtains and straps / doors / tail lift in good condition.
  9. Fifth wheel located and locked correctly, landing legs and handle in correct position.
  10. Trailer park brake operating correctly.
  11. Air suspension correctly set.
  12. Engine oil, water, windscreen washer reservoir and fuel levels checked and no leaks

Prior to leaving depot:

  1. Steering and brakes operating correctly.
  2. Loads secured and weight distributed correctly.

On the road:

  1. Tachograph, speedometer, and speed limiter operating correctly.
  2. ABS/EBS warning lights off.

Our walkaround checks poster can be downloaded from our website and for more detailed information you can go to the government website.


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