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Driver 24/7 Crisis Response Support – LMP Legal

Tel: 0333 242 2976

Our drivers are important to us and in the event of their involvement in a collision, a driver may be asked questions at the scene which can pose legal risks to the individual and the company they are contracted to at the time. Whilst it is hoped that this never happens, in the event of a collision, immediate legal representation ensures avoidable liability for themselves and the company.

We have arrange 24/7 legal assistance service for our drivers with LMP Legal who ensure any of our drivers involved in a police attended/blue light attended collision will be offered immediate legal support. This protects our drivers and clients as well as Employ.

Please read and print this letter or make a note of the phone number and ensure you take this with you on every shift. This is very important and is there to protect you – please make sure you watch the video and follow the steps we outline in the event you are involved in a major incident or accident – if you have any questions please contact Leann Lewis.

Please watch the video below, which explains what the service is, how it benefits you and what you need to do should you be involved in a major incident or accident whilst on shift for Employ

LMP Legal 24/7 Crisis Response

Tel: 0333 242 2976