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Online Driver CPC training

Complete your driver CPC training from the comfort of your home with our virtual classroom.
How does it work?
It’s really simple, your Driver CPC requires you to complete 35 hours of training which is normally split into five courses (of 7 hours).

Online training gives you two options to work around your schedule:

  • Complete 2 modules (3.5 hours each) in one day or complete 2 modules across two consecutive days to sign off a 7 hour course
  • Complete 10 modules in this way to complete your 35 hour requirement
  • Interactive online training via video conferencing software
  • Access to PC/Laptop/tablet is required

To comply to the CPC requirements, you must book 2 courses at once that will be taken within a 24 hour period.

Our courses require you to have an internet connection as you will be learning via video conferencing software Zoom. Once you have booked your courses (minimum 2 x 3.5hour modules in 24 hours to sign off a 7 hour course), you will receive a link to login into the virtual classroom. You will see our trainer and the training materials on your screen, you can ask questions and interact with other members of the class, where suitable, to get the best out of your learning experience.

If you have any questions or want to book onto a course, please email charlotte@eruk.co.uk


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