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We are always looking for good, qualified HGV drivers to join us at Employ. In our 2021 annual driver survey, 88% of our drivers stated that they would recommend a friend or colleague to work for Employ. So, why not make a bit of extra money whilst recommending: Recommending a qualified HGV your driver to us means you will receive a bonus payment; the more you refer, the more extra money you can make!

The bonus is £150!

Our terms are:

  1. Your qualified HGV driver friend must complete registration, pass an induction and be available to work at least 10 shifts between the months of November – December in any given year.
  2. You will receive your bonus after 10 shifts have been completed by your friend.
  3. Your friend must reference your name at their registration.
  4. Bonus will be confirmed upon referral request to an Employ team member.