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SLAM Technique for safer driving

Accidents happen but are often avoidable.  We’d like to share with you the SLAM technique to prevent the chances of an accident and ensure the safety of HGV drivers whilst on shift.

STOP: Stop the task and think. Look at each step. Ask:

  • Is this a new task?
  • Has the task changed?
  • When was the last time I did this task?
  • Do I feel comfortable doing this task?
  • If not, do I need training?

LOOK: Look before, during and after completion of the task. Always:

  • Inspect the work area for potential hazards, e.g. unsecured ladders, untidiness
  • Identify the hazards for each step of the job/task
  • Evaluate what to do about them.

ASSESS: Are you equipped to perform the task safely? Check you have the correct:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Training
  • Tools
  • What else do you need to perform the task safely?
  • Help? (You should always ask for help if you need it)
  • More training?

MANAGE: Take appropriate action to eliminate or minimise any hazards on site by:

  • Ensuring the proper equipment is used and is well maintained
  • Thinking about the task just completed and ask, “What went well? What did not go well?”
  • Ask yourself:
    • Did anything unexpected happen?
    • How can I be better prepared and plan for this in future?

Whilst we know accidents do occur, taking on this approach when on shift can reduce the frequency and severity of accidents happening, and is something to keep in mind when working day-to-day.


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